Tailor MadeTraining Programmes ExperiencedProfessional Trainers Trainings viaVideo Conferencing
Tailor MadeTraining Programmes
ExperiencedProfessional Trainers
Trainings viaVideo Conferencing


Power System Dynamics – 4 – 5 Days

Modern Power System with Renewable Resources & Synchrophasor Technology – 4 Days

Power System Operation & Control – 3 Days

Grid Disturbances & Restoration – 4 Days

Power System Simulation for Engineering (PSS/E) 5 Days

Regulatory & Commercial Aspects of Grid Management – 4 Days

Grid Operation & Management – 4 Days

Economic Dispatch& Grid Stability Constraints in Power System – 4 Days

Managing & Controlling Power Losses in Electrical Distribution Network – 3 Days

Gas Turbine LM2500 GE Aero Derivative Series Operational, Maintenance, Reliability issues to reduce the operational & maintenance Cost – 4-5 Days

Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA Advanced) – 3 Days

Advanced Preventive & Predictive Maintenance with Condition Based Monitoring Techniques – 4 Days

Operational Excellence and Power Generation Plant Maintenance Management Optimization (APMS – Asset Performance Management System Approach) – 4 Days

Reliability Centred Maintenance 3 (RCM3) for Power Generation Plants – 3-4 Days

Modern Maintenance – 3 Days

Reliability Centred Maintenance 3 (RCM3) for Oil & Gas – 3-4 Days

Advance SCADA/EMS for Power System Dispatch Centre – 3 Days

Operational Flexibility & Efficiency Enhancements of Gas Turbine – 3-4 Days

Best Practices Operation & Troubleshooting of RO Plant Process – 3-4 Days


LDR is about being authentic!

We are real with our services, dealings and relationships. We take the courage to practice the truth, while we unions that hold us together despite challenges that come along in working together, to develop and improve our client’s organizations.

At LDR, we understand every organization need is unique. Therefore, we persistently help leaders be authentic with tailor-made training solutions through advanced programs and teaching methods. We are committed to helping them build transformational organizations from within: one leader, one team, one person at a time.


LDR is one the leading training company in Malaysia with at least 10 years of experience and we are proud of it. We assist organizations achieve their objectives by working with them to train their people for success. We are not just confined to Malaysia, having provided our training services across the globe in Middle East, Africa and as far away as the United Kingdom.


Why we are different

Our knowledge and expertise are about taking the best the world has to offer and applying it to your training requirements. We are flexible and really fast and really focused on you! We have felt that Learning and Development team can help you develop a learning plan that is support your companies strategy and sync with the current commercial realities.

Our services will do as much or as little as you want, such as:

Identify learning priorities in your company or department or team.

Develop unique, tailor-made learning journey for your team, with the help of in-house training with industry experts, facilitated workshops.

Identify the most effective ways of organizing the training based on location of your team, identifying common essentials across the organization and enhancing group sizes.


We delight in the opportunity to explore your training needs, taking time to comprehend your business and team performance issues.

With our professional training needs analysis, we will work out the best solution for you.
We have the world largest assortment of training programs and the best facilitators at our fingertips. All cog-wheeled to work with you to develop and improve your team and business performance.


We have provided trainings to 100 over companies.

In the last decades Learn Direct Resources has been trained over 100+ companies around the globe over 3 different regions (Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa).